Trail Buddies

What good are adventures without a sidekick (or two)?

Anna the German Shepherd and Pippin the Pomeranian make the perfect companions on a hike, strolling down the street, or playing a lively game of chase-me-around-the-house-after-a-sqeaker-toy. 


Anna is 7 years older than Pippin. She spent much of her puppyhood climbing and exploring mountains in Vermont and is the ultimate trail dog. She even joined me on the course of a trail race once!

Pippin isn’t your usual outdoor dog, but he has proven himself to be a most adorable and enthusiastic adventurer. Before he was 1 he was more active than most Pomeranians are in a lifetime.


These little buddies never cease to be excited by the smallest things. “Butterfly? Let’s jump!” “Tree? Let’s sniff!” “Squirrell? Chaasaase!” 

They bring excitement, fun, and down-to-earth simplicity to our outings, so keep an eye out for their many appearances on the blog.