From Marathon to Injury and What Comes Next

I’ve been a runner all of my life, and several years ago I found my niche in hiking and trail running. In the fall of 2014 I achieved my dream of completing a full trail marathon, but crossing that finish line cost much more than the entry fee. What was eventually diagnosed as runner’s knee (after being treated as tendinitis for a year), has halted almost all activity except walking.

This blog follows my adventures as I navigate life without the speed, strength, and mobility that I had as an athlete. Eventually, this journey will lead back to activity and the exhilaration of physical challenges, but adventures don’t have to wait until then. My time off from running has allowed me to re-focus my career and has given me time to pay attention to wildlife and to better identify species I encounter. Even though I can’t reach all of the places I’d like to see, there’s a whole world out there filled with all kinds of adventures. Join me as I seek them out.


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