My doctor suggested that I receive injections in my knee to create extra lubricant to coat the cartilage under the kneecap and make it glide smoothly. The injections last for 6 months and could give me the opportunity to do the physical therapy exercises necessary to fix the root problem without causing more irritation. At first I was resistant to the idea, because I didn’t want to do anything invasive that might cause issues down the road, but lately I’ve been extremely frustrated. In general, the whole situation has gotten progressively worse over time. Months after the marathon, I was able to do a variety of exercises to maintain fitness without adverse effects, but 2 and a half years after the marathon, I find myself unable to do even low-impact activities like light cycling without causing a months-long setback. At this point, the shots might really be the best solution.

So I told the doctor that I’d like to go ahead with the lubricant injections. And the insurance company denied it. And the doctor’s office appealed the denial. And the insurance company denied the appeal. And now it’s going into another appeal, and it’s been almost two months. I am so frustrated that if I don’t hear anything within a week I’m just going to pay out of pocket and get it done.

On a more positive note, last year I read an AT thru-hiker’s trail blog and recently started reading her regular-life blog. It turns out that she was diagnosed with runner’s knee way back in 2004. I don’t know the particulars, but she managed to heal it and get active again and thru hike the Appalachian Trail 7 or 8 years later with no knee issues. So I guess there’s hope for me.


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