Cool kids sleep in the air

Later this summer, we’ll be packing up and heading out on a road trip to Colorado. The journey to this magical land of epic mountains, endurance racing, and aspen trees will take a full three days of driving, and we plan on staying in campgrounds along the way.

But in no ordinary tent shall we sleep. Nope. The cool kids don’t lay on rock-strewn ground all night – they sleep in the air.

Introducing, the roof-top tent:

It’s a 3-person Tepui Autana tent that mounts onto bars on a vehicle’s roof rack. It unfolds out, and the part that extends out is supported by an adjustable ladder.

One of the things that will make this tent helpful on the road is an annex attachment that isn’t shown in the pictures. It is a full enclosure with a doorway out and a window to access the vehicle that zips up around the extended part of the tent around the ladder. This gives you a room with some privacy that you can stand up in to change, as well as space to put some belongings, chairs, etc.

With a mattress and tons of space, it’s practically luxury. I love the higher vantage point as well. It’s not exactly a tree house, but close!

And Pippin approves. He’s spent a night in it with me, and every time we set it up, he goes to the ladder and asks to go up!


Pippin loves the new nest.

The set up and take down is doable for me, although it’s a little tough, especially in the dark. G has both processes down to about 10-15 minutes each, but it takes longer for me because I’m too short to reach things easily, like the spring wires that hold the awnings out and folding up the ladder after it’s lifted onto the roof.

I can’t believe how neatly it packs away. It doesn’t take up too much space on top of the vehicle, which will make traveling backroads and low-clearance areas easier than with many camper options.

The only problem I can foresee is if there are strong winds. There are a lot of flaps of canvas that can get caught up in gusts, so I’m hoping we don’t see too much of that!

Overall, though, this tent looks like it will be great for our trip there and back. I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Cool kids sleep in the air

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