The big secret

The other morning, someone who was browsing magazines at the library came up to me and asked: “What’s your secret?” I had no idea what he meant, so he rephrased the question: “What is it that makes you so happy every time I see you? I always feel good when I leave here because the staff are so pleasant.” At this I was pleased but more than a little baffled – after all it was Monday morning, and I couldn’t imagine sending out that many happy vibes on a Monday.

I shrugged and didn’t give an answer of any substance, but now that I think about it, I could have mentioned all of the time I spend outdoors. For instance, just walking the dogs every morning does a lot of good – for both my mood and my knee!

The nights are getting cooler here, which means that there’s a crispness in the air first thing in the morning. But as soon as the sun comes up, there’s still that green summer-y warmth.


Besides just being invigorating, walking in the morning lets me stretch out and evaluate if there are any tight spots or muscle knots that need to be addressed. I can think about my posture, open up, and undo some of the hip tightness I inevitably get from sitting behind the reference desk all day.  And, of course, the dogs love it.


I wouldn’t label myself a “morning person”, but walking through the world as it wakes up is a pretty good way to start the day. In the spring and early summer, the birds were constantly singing, and I got lots of identification practice using the Cornell Ornithology Lab’s Merlin Bird ID app.


So that’s my secret to happiness. You can stop by the reference desk to take in some happy aura, or you can take a cute puppy (or two) for a walk and make their day as well!


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